Our next podcast recording (29.4.17) Mad Max

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Our next podcast recording (29.4.17) Mad Max

Post by JaySevenZero » December 24th, 2016, 11:09 am

Here is where you can leave your thoughts regarding the Mad Max for possible inclusion in the podcast when it's recorded.

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Re: Mad Max

Post by deacon05oc » February 7th, 2017, 7:50 pm

Mad Max is a gem of an open world. Not just open world games, but in its vastness and emptiness, it is one of the best video games that I have inhabited. I'n 2015 I was a newcomer to Mad Max. I had never seen any of George Miller's films and I really wanted to see Fury Road. I did and loved it. Not just the movie, but the universe Miller created. So I was excited to hear that a game was being developed. Here was my chance to play in this world. There was one problem though, the game was to be released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. I easily picked the Kojima game as I knew I wanted to complete the Metal Gear saga. The wasteland would have to wait. I ended up regretting this as MGS 5 wasn't what I expected it to be.

I finally got Mad Max on Black Friday 2016. I finally have been able to participate in this visually stunning world. I love exploring structures and locations to find history relics of the past. Seeing something like a simple note saying phones have been down or a photo explaining to a person who someone in their family is explains so much with so little. Driving across the "sea" to see the remains of a cruise ship is quite the spectacle. The creative team did a fantastic job with environmental storytelling. The game's plot didn't really matter to me, the story of the world was more important and I find that unique.

There may be 4 Mad Max films, but as I played the game I imagined I was playing Max in more movies as I helped the various strongholds clear the threats around them. Since there are so many ways of completing these objectives, it never felt repetitive to me. Typically, I know I won't complete 100% of an open world game, but I am still working on this. The last time I wanted to finish things in the open world, was Assassin's Creed 2.

Mad Max isn't the best game of It's kind. But I do feel it's a special game that makes up for it pretty standard gameplay mechanics by making you forget they are there. You just focus on helping people just like The Road Warrior and surviving in a hostile world while you seek the Plains of Silence.

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Re: Mad Max

Post by Yacobg42 » April 1st, 2017, 3:23 pm

Mad Max may be the perfect podcast game. The concept of this is worth a discussion in its own right- is a game truly good if you prefer to play it with people blabbering on in the background?- but personally, when I want to really just zone out for a while, podcasts and games are my go-to.

Mad Max excels in this combo. It has some brilliant eye candy, with one of the most striking desert worlds I've seen. The lighting, the gentle rolls of the dunes, and that huge open sky all contribute to a world that feels like Max's. It's an absolute triumph of art direction. And when those sandstorms roll in...whew.

The game doesn't have a lot of depth. This isn't necessarily a bad thing- I enjoyed punching my 700th baddie as much as I enjoyed punching my first, but was doing so with essentially the same skills each time. There's not the flexibility of the arkham games here, so even though things like the shotgun and shivs are fun, I still essentially clobbered my way through most fights. I'm sure other people will have more to say on the driving- I'll just say that switching to first person and taking on a caravan was almost as thrilling as it was inconvenient.

Mad Max isn't an "important" game. It won't go down in the annals of history, or be remembered for any particularly revolutionary mechanics or innovations. What it is, is just some pure, distilled fun. Max is a simple man, and his world doesn't need complexity to feel interesting. Plus, if he had the option to listen to Sound of Play while sliding around the dunes, I'm sure he would too.

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Re: Mad Max

Post by macstat » April 13th, 2017, 6:40 am

Mad Max was arguably one of biggest sleepers of 2015, especially with Avalanche releasing Just Cause 3 months later. With more hyped competition and overall opinion on quality of licensed games no one expected Mad Max to be mediocre at best.

Ill start with saying that in some aspects MM is still very much a typical mediocre game. For example on-foot combat is very standard copy of batman-like counter mechanics. Also open world is filled with a bunch of chores, towers to climb (in form of baloons) so there's a lot of familiar things that dont try to excel in any way.

But there are some things that make this game stand out in the end. First of all vehicular combat is really great, and its coming out from person who doesnt play racing games at all. Your car moves very smoothly, everything is well animated and is responsive the way it should feel. Ramming your oponents, shooting drivers through a window or trying to rip away their armor or wheels feels very satisfying and combat tempo is really great.
World design is also something that really impressed me. When i heard this game is going to be all deserts i though that were gonna get boring copy-paste zones with little else going on. I was so wrong. Creativity of world designers was through the roof. We have huge dunes like Sahara, he have rocky canyons like in grand canyon, we have tar pits (like in movie with mud and stuff), we have colorful sulfur hot springs. All looks really well done, animation is spot on. Sand launches from underneath your tires, you see huge dust could where enemy convoy is, and seeing sand storm going your way (and finally hitting you) was really one of tensest moments. They really did a good in creating atmosphere.
Story was also good. Its not Citizen Kane, but voice acting (especially chumbucket) is really good, and characters are interesting enough to keep me going.

There's one more thing, that photo mode is just amazing. Its so powerful. You basically pause game at any point and then you can rotate, zoom in/out, place filters on basically any scene you can imagine. I wish all games had things like that.
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Re: Our next but one podcast recording (27.4.17) Mad Max

Post by ThirdDrawing » April 17th, 2017, 2:29 pm

I don't play a ton of open world games like this but I found this on sale two weeks after it was out and thought, "Why not?"

Mad Max is a quintessential "B" game. It's not as stylish as blockbuster games, it's not as polished as "Triple A" games, but it does what it does well. The fighting mechanics are solid, the driving is fun and it's very pretty.

However, I did get hit by the map glitch, which was frustrating. There were a couple of races I found infuriating. And the last boss was a tad too easy for my taste.

Despite those hiccoughs, I genuinely enjoyed my time with it. It's a bit of an unpolished gem. There's real potential in this series with a sequel, and I'd rather play that than another Assassin's Creed.

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Re: Our next-but-one podcast recording (29.4.17) Mad Max

Post by PapaJupe13 » April 20th, 2017, 2:31 pm

And now for a different take...

In baseball, there is a term called a "meatball". A meatball is perfect pitch right down the middle that is easily hit for a home run.
Mad Max should have been a meatball.
Instead it is the laziest game I have ever played in my life. They basically took the Assassin's Creed/Mordor/Arkham model and slapped a coat of Mad Max-ish paint on it. All games can feel repetitive, but it is compounded with Mad max by the fact that we have already done all this over and over before countless times in better games.
The Mad Max series has always been my favorite series of movies. Since I was a kid. The license deserves so much better than a lazy remake of superior games. It deserved to be buried by MGSV.

My 3 word review would be Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Though I am thinking of firing it up again before you podcast airs. Maybe so much time away from it and adjusted expectations will change my view of it. Doubt it, but maybe.

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Re: Our next-but-one podcast recording (29.4.17) Mad Max

Post by MarkHoog » April 24th, 2017, 3:34 pm

So I bought this the week it came out. Not because I'm such a huge fan of Mad Max or open world games, but because a friend of mine kept going on about it and at one point I wanted to experience at least some bits of it myself instead of having it all spelled out to me. What followed were 50 hours of enjoyment, fittingly spent during a stretch of those broody hot late summer nights.

Yes, Mad Max can be woefully repetitive, its story is about as thin as a sheet of paper and the ways of unlocking areas and/or missions feel silly and outdated ("you need level 3 tires before you can try and rescue this person in grave danger so go do a bunch of side missions first.") Yet, I terribly enjoyed clearing enemy camps in Arkham-style fashion, stringing melee combos together and blowing up fuel supplies. I loved getting into car chases in first person, trying hard to avoid the exploding cars soaring past me left and right. And when all the punch-and-crunch violence got a bit overwhelming, I'd just stand somewhere pretty and fool about with the photo mode.

No, Mad Max might not be a masterpiece, but I'll remember this game for its meaty sound design, desolate vistas and explosive action. Also, and it's a bit tragic to add this as a plus, it ran like an abosulate charm on my pc at release. Smooth performance, no bugs in sight - it's one of the best pc ports I've ever played (take notes, Arkham Knight and Just Cause 3!)

Oh, by the way, my mate never finished the game.

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