Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

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Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

Post by JaySevenZero » December 31st, 2017, 4:35 pm

Here's where you can leave your thoughts regarding Soul Edge (Soul Blade) for possible inclusion in the podcast when it's recorded.

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Re: Our next-but-one podcast recording (21.4.18) - 316: Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

Post by KSubzero1000 » April 18th, 2018, 6:54 pm

I don't have much to contribute in regard to the original Soul Edge, but considering how this issue will cover the rest of the SoulCalibur series, allow me to share a little anecdote.

I once had the... pleasure of making the acquaintance of a semi-pro SoulCalibur player who was regularly involved in international tournaments and had a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the series' various systems and mechanics. He later stayed at my place for a few days, and we decided to play a few rounds of SC IV despite the massive skill difference between the two of us. About the only thing I remember from the ensuing carnage was the feeling of watching hopelessly as my Kilik was being bounced around the place by his Ivy as the direct result of a perfectly executed 20-second long combo string.

My only frame of reference at the time was the Dead or Alive series and its multitude of trademark defensive techniques such as holds, tech rolls and various stun states, and so I enthusiastically asked "Wow, that's insane! So what exactly are my options to get out of a situation like that?!". For the record, I was genuinely expecting an in-depth technical answer that would convert me into a die-hard SC fan for the rest of my life.

He stared lethargically into the void for about eight seconds, adjusted his ugly glasses and finally uttered: "...Well, there's nothing you can do, really. It's basically all about the initial frame advantage, man."

And I think that was the last time I played any SoulCalibur game! Went out on a low note, so to speak.

PS: It's entirely possible he was putting me on!

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Re: Our next-but-one podcast recording (21.4.18) - 316: Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

Post by Simonsloth » April 18th, 2018, 9:53 pm

Nice anecdote!

Unlike Ksub I am the opposite. I barely played soul calibur and soul blade is the only entry in the series I have played.

I fondly remember the edge master mode which struck me as revolutionary on release. It seemed far deeper than any of its peers at the time and was very compelling. I especially liked the various handicaps and stipulations applied to certain bouts which added variety and unpredictability.

Regrettably this is where my brief fling with the series ends as the sequel was released on the Dreamcast.

I think back then when a beloved franchise jumped ship and became console exclusive on another platform it automatically became either awesome or a pile of excrement depending on your perspective.

Needless to say soul calibur was not viewed favourably in my eyes and tekken therefore reigned supreme. This perspective extended beyond my household where even the school playground was divided between tekken fans and those who championed soul calibur. Loooking back It’s strange to think there were that many Dreamcast owners. Perhaps if my school was representative of the world Sega would still be making consoles.

In all honesty it could have been very different if Namco had chosen Tekken for the Dreamcast instead. As it is I have little love for the series which is almost entirely due to a silly teenage grudge.

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Re: Our next-but-one podcast recording (21.4.18) - 316: Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

Post by ThirdDrawing » April 19th, 2018, 5:53 pm

I am generally terrible at fighting games and really only play Tekken. I remember seeing Soul Edge around when it was released and not thinking much about it.

However, Soul Calibur 1 and 2 are very special to me. I remember spending hours at a friend's place playing Soul Calibur 1 and actually doing well! The fighting felt balanced and knocking someone out of the ring felt like a testament of your skill rather than a cheap fluke. It wasn't as crazy as Tekken, but it was equally as fun to play.

I've played all three versions of SC2, and I agree with popular opinion that Link is the best guest character.

The other two feel bizarrely out of place and don't really fit the tone of the SC series and they're a little too outlandish.

Link's look and fighting style fits perfectly with the rest of the fighters in the game and it was a really inspired choice to include him, making the GC version the must have one.

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Re: Our next podcast recording (24.4.18) - 316: Soul Edge (Soul Blade), SoulCalibur series

Post by Flabyo » April 22nd, 2018, 11:31 am

Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast was, and still is, the greatest technical achievement ever pulled out on a console in my opinion. It’s a vast improvement over the arcade game it’s a ‘port’ of in every way (I think the arcade version of Calibur ran on basically the same hardware as Soul Edge)

I’ve done Dreamcast dev. It should not be able to do the things Namco made it do here. At least not that early in the life cycle of the machine.

I’ve owned every game in the series now, and while there are things I like about sc2 and sc3 (mainly the very in depth character creation tools which put the customisation in a lot of MMO’s to shame), I still think I prefer the Dreamcast game to them all.

The original ps1 game still has the best intro music though, and was probably the first time I became aware that games were modified when localised (look up the differences in that intro video between the Japanese release and the overseas ones, subtle but telling of where we were on game ratings at the time).

The most recent game in the series felt a little flat though (despite giving us a kick-ass rework of Ezio’s theme), too many characters gone, replaced with less interesting ones.

The new one that’s out later this year though looks like it’ll be excellent.

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