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Ghost World
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I Am Alive

Postby Ghost World » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:25 am

We're recording a I Am Alive podcast on 14/03/2013. So please share your thoughts on the game to be shared on the show here.
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Re: I Am Alive

Postby delb2k » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:26 pm

I really thought this game was going to be something a little different after the first half an hour of play. A stylish adventure where interactions between you and the population, both friendly and foe, would by dynamic and evolving over the course of the adventure. Where environment and avatar capability would create tense situations and require tough judgement calls

What i got was a standard adventure where every interaction between me and NPC's boiled down to the same series of steps and the climbing never required any real thought. What i got was a very by the numbers adventure.

First the platforming. I like the idea of a stamina bar but here it mostly felt pointless. There were always so many rations or pitoons i was never in danger. It is only that final ascent where I felt challenged in how I tackled the environment, something that happened far far too late. Alongside that the environment language I honestly felt was awful. While the black and white style was visually appealing it failed to consistently indicate where to go next, leading to moments of aimless wandering and randomly jumping against walls. Realistic? Probably, but not necessarily fun.

Secondly the encounters with the gangs. Initially the indication is that intimidation can help you escape the situations you get yourself in, and my hope was that this would mean more than just killing or assaulting them. This is not the case. Once they see you they will chase you which means every single encounter turns into exactly the same series of steps; surprise kill, get bullet, shoot member with gun, struggle kill the last one. Rinse and repeat. The numbers may change but the tactic does. More gun handling members? shoot them and grab the bullets. Even the introduction of the bow does not change the way these are approached. Basically they are puzzles, but puzzles that just turn into bland gateways instead of meaningful interactions.

The story is fine, slightly by the numbers and for me lacked any real punch. Yes there was an attempt at an emotional heart but it just felt very ordinary. I suspect it may resonate more if you have a family but for me, it just felt like another save person x and person y from a terrible fate. Something that feels has been done hundreds of times before.

It is not a bad game, not at all, but neither did it ever feel that special. It was the worst thing any game could be, a simple distraction.
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Re: I Am Alive

Postby adderblack39 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:00 pm

Since the first time i heard about I AM ALIVE,i was intrigued,a triple A,FPS from ubisoft focusing on survival rather than all out gun play,it was a unique concept compared to what was out at that particular time.However the game almost vanished from that first reveal and would only crop up ever so often much like ALAN WAKE did,so finally when it did eventually get announced ,only this time as a third person XBLA,PSN title,my reactions where a mixture of surprise and excitement that i would actually get to play this game after all that time.
From the first minute i was hooked by the incredible atmosphere brought to life by the bleak graphical landscape to the eerie sound effects and minimal orchestral score.
The overall story of a man desperately trying to be reunited with his family resonated with me immediatly being a father myself.
The actual combat in the game was very satisfying and unlike anything id ever played before and the climbing mechanic was a welcome antidote to ASSASINS CREED which was dumbed down and virtually required hardly any skill at all.
Also i liked the fact that you had (lives) instead of regenerating health,this gave the game an old school feel to it,and thats the thing,it doesnt hold your hand like most games do today.
I think I AM ALIVE is the very definition of a MARMITE game,something the metacritic average will confirm,(incidently i love marmite) 8-)
I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone looking for something different,and i hope after hearing this episode more listeners will give it a go
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Re: I Am Alive

Postby registradus » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:44 pm

I'm still trying to get I Am Alive to install... won't let me install on secondary hard drive... Ubisoft suggested editing default install path in registry. now I can't uninstall ANYTHING. and still can't install I Am Alive. >:(
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Re: I Am Alive

Postby ratsoalbion » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:24 pm

I've been playing this (on PS3) for the last few hours in the hope that I could get it done in time for the podcast.
That's not going to happen though.

The game starts promisingly with a compelling premise, a pleasingly stark colour palette and some good ideas about making surviving and killing in a game more than mere trifles. I appreciate the unremittingly bleak atmosphere and the tension generated by the limited stamina and health along with the accompanying music.

What I don't appreciate are the frankly appalling climbing controls and the even worse signposting.
Trying to transition climbing intersections is nightmarish. The controls somehow manage the double whammy of being both stiff and sloppy. The stamina bar is constantly plummeting as you wrestle with the inadequate interface. I understand that you are playing an every-man (albeit a capable one), but due to the poor controls he performs like an uncoordinated idiot, but not in a convincing manner.

As for direction of the player, I understand that when below the dust line you are supposed to be panicked and disoriented, but sending the player to dead end after dead end with almost zero visibility of potential safe areas (which you may not have enough strength left to reach anyway) is simply a terribly frustrating experience - even more so when you consider that you have limited tries.

Identikit confrontations, repetitive speech samples and laughably basic 'moral choices' just add to the sense that this game is all rather half-baked.
Some cool ideas basically ruined by poor execution is my assessment of I am Alive (after just under half the game). A real shame.

I've probably still got time to complete the game in time to record at 6.30 pm but as I'm finding the game actively unpleasant to play and I have a pile of games awaiting review for work, I'm going to have to miss the show on this occasion.

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