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Re: Life Is Strange

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I finished the first episode of before at the storm and started the second, so here are some thoughts (spoilers abound)

- The change in voice actors and some of the new character models are definitely weird looking. It's not a deal breaker, just a little strange.
- You'll get a lot more from this if you played and finished the main game. I think thats in the nature of prequels though.
- I really love it. It's a game thats tinged in sadness, much more so than the main game, as Chloe is a sad character. But its not just sad, its also tinged with teenage rebellion, a spark of life that refuses to be put out, the tinged feelings of joy and lust and anxiety and discovery in a new friendship and romantic relationship.
- The backchat system is pretty good. I don't miss the time rewind system.

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