Your most played game this year

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by MajorGamer »

Darkest Dungeon is the game I've played the most of this year (over 100 hours) and its certainly my favorite new game I've played for the year. I did go back to a game I like more but beat it in a previous year which was Furi. Went to S rank the normal game and defeat the DLC boss. That guy may very well be the longest I spent on a boss in any singleplayer game ever.

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Jon Cheetham
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Re: Your most played game this year

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Most played game this year is probably Bloodborne. Got about 110 hours on my main character which is a strength/ arcane build in NG++, taking that one through the chalices and going for Platinum. And about 15 hours on a skill build which is now up to Mergo's Wet Nurse and just started into the DLC.

Most played through game, definitely Sekiro. After thinking I'd never beat Sword Saint Isshin, when I finally did I just kept going through new game cycles, addicted to the combat and rhythm of the game. Ended up playing through four times, getting all the endings. Don't think I have played a game through repeatedly that many times since Dino Crisis 2 when I was a young'un. My first ever platinum as well.

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by Alex79uk »

ThirdMan wrote:
November 1st, 2019, 7:36 am
Incidentally, the best film I experienced on the big screen this year (indeed one of the best I've watched all year on any format) is Birds of Passage and it's coming to Netflix UK next week. It charts the brutal rise to prominence of Colombia's Wayuu tribe as they become involved in the region's burgeoning marijuana trade in the 60s and 70s. It's a gangster film like no other. Definitely one to watch out for if you're a subscriber.
Sounds interesting. Is it in English or Spanish? I only ask because that decides whether it's something my girlfriend will watch with me or one for myself!

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by Magical_Isopod »

Definitely Apex Legends. I honestly don't even want to know how much time I've blown on this game, but I reckon it's deep into the hundreds of hours territory. It fills a void I didn't know I had, and it's great to just drop in for a match or two, get upset, and then move on to something else before I start shouting.

But I do have good fun. It's great to have gone from being unable to do any damage when I first started playing to having a nearly 1:1 KDR and an average damage output around 400 per game. Even just these past couple of weeks when I picked it up for the first time in ages, I quickly surpassed my previous damage record of 1333 with a new mark of 2083 - max HP in this game is 200. So there's a lot that keeps pulling me back, it's super encouraging to see myself gradually improve at something...

On a very personal note, I struggle with confidence and imposter syndrome on an epic scale, so seeing that I CAN gradually improve at something, in quantifiable terms, is a big pick-me-up.

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by Suits »

Super Mario Maker 2.

In a landscape like today where’s there’s so much choice and distraction, I find it hard to stick with one title for large amounts of time.

I’ve put 90 hours plus into SMM2 this year, which is a lot for me.

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by Indiana747 »

I reckon i have 400hrs+ into PUBG this year.
Put 90hrs into The Division 2.
65ish hours getting the platinum on Days Gone.

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by shadowless_kick »

for me, it's Dead Cells.

I remember posting on this very forum shortly after it released, asking for advice on whether or not I should take a chance as a non-rougelike player. 'glad I decided to dive in.

I've still yet to beat the 1-cell difficulty, but the satisfaction of gradually discovering the best gear comibinations together with the near-instant respawn when you die has proven to be a wickedly addictive cocktail (despite some of the flaws it has).

I may only buy 3 or 4 games in an entire year, but how many do you really need when you've got time-sinkers like this? (further context: my most-played game last year was easily the mighty Nex Machina)

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by fieldy »

My most played game of 2019 was Dark Souls, it was my 2019 resolution to get through the whole trilogy (Which I only did with a few days to spare 😉 ) overall I'm a big fan, I never really understood the huge fandom for this game after its launch, I initially bounced off of it. But going back after being a Bloodborne veteran I totally get it - amazing game!

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Re: Your most played game this year

Post by Chopper »

You need to rank them now, Fieldy. Then you can rest easy :D

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