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Here's where you can contribute your thoughts and opinions for David O'Reilly's Everything for potential inclusion in the forthcoming podcast.

A friendly reminder that where the feedback for the podcast is concerned, we love it - but keeping it brief is appreciated. We do want to include a breadth of opinions where appropriate, but no-one wants a discussion podcast that’s mostly reading out essays. Better to save yourself time and cut to the chase if you can.

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Re: 487 - Everything

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Everything is a really odd one to me. I have really not played anything like it before and I honestly find it really hard to talk about. For example, in terms of gameplay there really is no overarching aim or goals but conversely this is also the ultimate collectathon in a weird way due to the player taking on the form of various living creatures, objects and celestial bodies and to get 100% on obtaining everything is a massive endeavour. I have currently become 53% of all the various things in this game and there is something just nice on discovering a new thing that you can become and play around with. That is what I think this game predominantly is: a big playground. You can really mess around and experiment with multiple scenarios which for me tended to be on the more absurd side of things such as having a blue whale swim through bacteria and pollen grains, an owl flying underwater, a school of angelfishes swimming in the sky or an army of skyscrapers stampeding through the city. It is just the perfect thing to zone out to and just appreciate the sights and sounds. Listening to Alan Watts while watching a flock of swallows dancing in the sky while the clouds move over the horizon can honestly be an enchanting experience. And I think that is the perfect niche for this game. No story really, gameplay not too deep and certainly challenge is the furthest thing from its agenda. Everything is what you put on when you want to pull back from daily life for a bit and maybe contemplate on more philosophical matters or just appreciate a crude but still pleasant representation of the universe.

In its more euphoric moments, it even made me appreciate what I have and to experience life at it’s fullest before I eventually return back to the earth from where I came from. As a whimsical celebration of existence, I think Everything succeeds quite admirably. But I do have one complaint which is that some things are not categorised properly which enrages my inner pedant. For example, jellyfishes and starfishes are included in the Fish category despite not even being vertebrates. Then to make matters worse, Seahorses which ARE fish are included in the category of Other! Come on Everything, sort your taxonomy out!

Three word review: Giant space paramecium

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