Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Post by JaySevenZero »

Here's where you can contribute your thoughts and opinions for Star Trek: Bridge Crew for potential inclusion in the forthcoming podcast.

A friendly reminder that where the feedback for the podcast is concerned, we love it - but keeping it brief is appreciated. We do want to include a breadth of opinions where appropriate, but no-one wants a discussion podcast that’s mostly reading out essays. Better to save yourself time and cut to the chase if you can.

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Re: 471 - Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Post by Tolkientaters »

I picked this up to play for the pod and enjoyed it, I played it on an mid tier pc with an Quest 2 and that probably hampered the experience as it wasn't designed for the controllers I had.

I'm not a massive Star Trek fan, I've seen about half the episodes of the original series and really liked Wrath of Khan, that being said it still felt really cool actually take control during the Kobayashi Maru scenario.

The idea behind this game is really interesting, but you could definitely tell this was an early VR game since there is a lot of jank present, not being able to move your head much and constantly getting controller disconnected messages really took me out of the expirence. It's an interesting game, but not one I'd recommend to most people. It had the misfortune of being played after Half Life Alyx and unfortunately most VR games are just gonna feel worse in comparison, so that definitely influenced my opinion.

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Re: Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Post by JadePhoenix »

I picked this up in a sale a while back, and played around in it for a bit. It's a cool idea, and it has some potential, but I think it just asks a bit too much of you. For the full experience, you really need 3 friends that all also have VR sets, the game, and the requisite free time, because I think playing with strangers would probably hurt the experience, even if you got a reasonable group. Even after all that, it doesn't seem like something you'd do for more than a few hours, since just getting the experience really is most of the point.

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