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Re: Whatcha Been Playing?

Posted: December 8th, 2019, 9:45 pm
by Scrustle
Started Darksiders: Genesis recently and so far I'm liking it a fair bit. Despite the very different perspective and level structure, it still feels very Darksiders. In a way it's kind of like the first game, but chopped up in to individual levels. So far most of them have been fairly linear, but a couple have had a bit more room to explore. Puzzles so far have been pretty light, but it seems like things are getting a bit more complex as things go on, as you unlock more tools to do things with. The puzzle mechanics themselves are very familiar to the series too. And earlier levels are dotted with things you can't interact with when you first play them, so it seems like the idea is that you can come back later to find more puzzles and secrets.

Combat feels pretty good too, and again quite familiar to how these games feel. In fact I was kind of surprised how good it feels with the camera zoomed so far out in that isometric view. Playing as War feels pretty similar to the first game, and Strife feels good too. Primarily a kind of twin-stick shooter theme, but he has some melee combat moves too that aren't bad. And even though it was made with co-op in mind, playing solo is still fun, and I'm switching between characters pretty frequently.

The dialogue between the characters is pretty fun too. I was worried Strife might be annoying, being a kind of jokey smart-arse type who isn't anywhere near as witty as he thinks he is, but that isn't the case. The way he pokes fun at War's stoic personality has brought out some genuinely funny quips, which gives them a fun straight guy/funny guy dynamic. He also doesn't overdo it either, so the jokes don't get too old.

There have been a couple of problems though. There's a little bit of jank to it, when it comes to things like dodgy collision detection leading me to get stuck in a corner, and one bug where I had to back out to the main menu because the item I was trying to use just didn't work. Also it can sometimes be hard to see things on screen with how far zoomed out it is. And occasionally there are these linear platforming sections where you're usually running away from some hazard chasing you. That isometric perspective is really bad for judging jumps, and putting you under the pressure to rush through those parts doesn't help things. Luckily they've all been pretty short so far.

Also still on MH:W Iceborne and still having a great time with that. Done a lot of going back to get geared up again, which has helped a lot to make progress on new quests too. Recently got past Glavenus, which I was looking forward to. Not played any MH game it was in before, but always thought the design looked cool. And now I finally got to fight it, it certainly delivered. The concept of it is great, and the way it moves and just the presence it has are all very impressive. The gear you can craft from it is especially cool too. On the other hand I wasn't really a fan of Barioth or Nargacuga. Both of those I feel like are just sort of... too fast. They're so quick and aggressive that it feels out of pace with how the game usually flows. Especially Narga. And if I was having a tough time with the IG, with all the speed and mobility that gives you, I can only imagine how awful it must feel with a slower weapon. Next up is Brachydios though, which is another I'm looking forward to. One I have fought before in 3U, and was one of my favourites from that game. So that should be fun to come back to.