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Burnout Paradise

Posted: July 13th, 2014, 12:05 pm
by ratsoalbion
In this solo Burnout Paradise Quick Rinse, Darren Gargette takes himself down to the Paradise City where the girls are green and the grass is pretty (PC version):

Burnout Paradise single player by Darren Gargette

A multiplayer Burnout Paradise Quick Rinse featuring Darren Gargette, James Carter and listeners/community members Jonster and the Nekemancer (PC version):

Burnout Paradise multiplayer by Darren Gargette

NB: Apologies if one or both of these Burnout Paradise videos isn't/aren't available in your region or on your platform. Licensed music is the problem.

If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can find many more (and a few other bits and bobs) over on the Official Cane and Rinse YouTube channel.