Gravity Rush - Cane and Rinse 153

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Gravity Rush - Cane and Rinse 153

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“What are you doing here? Are you lost too?”

In this issue, James Carter, Ryan Hamann, Brian Tarran and Jay Taylor discuss Keiichiro Toyama’s gravity defying PlayStation Vita title – Gravity Rush (a.k.a. Gravity Daze). They talk about their thoughts regarding the title’s distinctive visual style and setting, the music and not forgetting the actual gameplay itself. There is also, as always, the community contributions and the three word reviews too.

Additional audio used in this show is as follows:

Track 1: Discovery of Gravitation by Kohei Tanaka
Track 2: Pleasure Quarter by Kohei Tanaka

Cane and Rinse 153 was edited by Jay Taylor.

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