Thomas Was Alone - Cane and Rinse 194

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Thomas Was Alone - Cane and Rinse 194

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“Thomas was alone. Wow, what a weird first thought to have”

Josh, Ryan and Tony set up their microphones, for what was bound to be another enthralling issue of Cane and Rinse.

“I wonder what Tony is going to say about this game’s narrative?” Josh pondered.

“It’ll be interesting to discuss this game’s use of puzzles and platforming, to define character relationships.” Tony ruminated.

“Shapes! Shapes! Shapes!” Ryan really liked shapes.

And so our three intrepid podcasters set out to discuss these themes and more, as they tackled Mike Bithell‘s debut game, Thomas Was Alone.

Music used in this issue:

Track 1: Where Are You? by David Housden

Track 2: Freedom by David Housden

Cane and Rinse 194 was edited by Sean O'Brien.

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