Sound of Play: 93

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Sound of Play: 93

Post by JaySevenZero »


This show’s presenter was Ryan Hamann and Joshua Garrity and community contributions by Colin Sunden, ThirdMan, and ashman86.

Track listing for this show is as follows:

Track 1: Prelude by Chris Remo - Thirty Flights of Loving, 2012
Track 2: The Requiem of Shield Knight by Jake Kaufman - Shovel Knight, 2014
Track 3: Dancer of the Boreal Valley by Yuka Kitamura - Dark Souls III, 2016
Track 4: Birth of a Wish (This Cannot Continue Variant) by Keiichi Okabe - Nier: Automata, 2017
Track 5: Too Late to Love You by Ben Babbitt - Kentucky Route Zero, 2014
Track 6: Propaganda by Christophe Héral - Beyond Good & Evil, 2003
Track 7: Order by Keith Zizza - Lords of Magic, 1997
Track 8: Pushing Onwards / Positive Force by SoulEye - VVVVVV, 2010
Track 9: Life's End by Harry Gregson-Williams - Metal Gear Solid 3, 2004

Sound of Play: 93 was edited by Ryan Hamann

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Re: Sound of Play: 93

Post by JadePhoenix »

VVVVVV is the only game I've ever played where you can die 300+ times on the same challenge in the space of half an hour, and not only keep want to going, but have fun the entire time. I think the music is a really big part of that.

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