Sound of Play: 149

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Sound of Play: 149

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Welcome to our weekly podcast dedicated to videogame music – Sound of Play

This week’s Sound of Play host is Ryan Hamann and he’s joined by frequent contributor and Play;Write co-host Ryan Quintal with community submissions from Suits, Simonsloth, and srgtsilent.

Track listing for this show is as follows:

1: Cornerstone of the New World – Astera by Tadayoshi Makino – Monster Hunter: World, 2018

2: Tumbler by Kyle Gabler – World of Goo, 2013

3: Professor E. Gadd by Kazumi Totaka – Luigi’s Mansion, 2001

4: Memories of Mother by Bear McCreary & Eivør – God of War (2018), 2018

5: Endless Menu by Tsunku – Rhythm Heaven Fever, 2011

6: Increasing Ambition by Michna – Hohokum, 2014

7: Hope’s Theme – Tomorrow’s Dream by Lena Raine – Final Fantasy XIII-2, 2011

8: Title Theme (Famicom Disk System) by Koji Kondo – The Legend of Zelda, 1984

9: Level 1 Music by Masanobu Tsukamoto – Godzilla, 1990

Sound of Play: 149 was edited by Ryan Hamann

Remember, it’s not just about what we like, so venture over to the thread at the top of this forum and put forward your own suggestions so that we might include them in future shows.

You can subscribe using Apple Podcasts or you can just simply download from here instead.

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Re: Sound of Play: 149

Post by Simonsloth »

Apologies Ryan. I kept meaning to write something about my choices.

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