Sound of Play: 214

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Sound of Play: 214

Post by JaySevenZero »


Joining Leon Cox in Sound of Play 214 are David W. Lloyd and Larry Oji, the founder and community manager respectively of OverClocked ReMix, the non-commercial organization dedicated to preserving and paying tribute to video game music

Music used in this podcast:

. All the World in One Girl by Kenji Yamamoto – OCR by The Wingless – Super Metroid, 1994/2003

2. Consent (Make me Dance) by Yuzo Koshiro – OCR by djpretzel – The Super Shinobi, 1989/2004

3. Burn Baby Burn by Katsuhiro Hayashi – OCR by Juan Medrano – Super Hang-On, 1987/2008

4. Ragol Weather by Fumie Kumatani – OCR by zircon – Phantasy Star Online, 2000/2009

5. One-Hit KO (Bye Esaka Mix) by Iku Mizutani/Makoto Suehiro/Tasuku Mizutani/Tetsuhiro Ogawa/Tomonao Niiya/Toshihiko Hiraguchi – OCR by WillRock – 2010/2013

6. Street Fighter or Streetest Fighter? by Naoshi Mizuta – OCR by BONKERS Street Fighter Zero – 1995/2014

7. A Blue-Green Color by Masato Nakamura – OCR by metaphist – Sonic the Hedgehog, 1991/2015

8. Please, please make it rain… by Koji Kondo – OCR by Benjaipod – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998/2016

9. IR-Type by Chris Huelsbeck/Ramiro Vaca – OCR by Instant Remedy – R-Type, 1988/2016

10. Cannon Straits by Jon Hare/Richard Joseph – OCR by fredrikd – Cannon Fodder, 1993/2013

Sound of Play 214 was edited by Jay Taylor

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Re: Sound of Play: 214

Post by duskvstweak »

Great episode. As a long time OCR fan, this really did have a great crossover vibe. A lot of great song choices and I actually had never heard that Cannon Fodder mix. That was a real treat.
Thanks for doing this one!

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Re: Sound of Play: 214

Post by ratsoalbion »

The OCR guys asked to come on, an offer we could hardly refuse!

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