Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

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Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

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“Hey hey hey, c’mon over, have some fun with Crazy Taxi!”

It’s 1999 and arcade gamers are enjoying some Crazy Taxi, SEGA Hitmaker’s loud and lurid take on the career of driving a Hackney Carriage.
Leon, Karl, Ryan and returning guest Dan Clark talk Dreamcast and coin-op versions of the game in some depth and detail, as well as the game’s relationship to its pop punk soundtrack and a whistle stop ride through Crazy Taxi’s sequels and successors – aided and abetted as always by the Cane and Rinse community.

Music used in this issue:

Track 1: All I Want by The Offspring
Track 2: Ten in 2010 by Bad Religion

Cane and Rinse 230 was edited by Jay Taylor.

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Re: Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

Post by achamius »

I played about 30 seconds of this game at a friend's place. Hated the game, but that soundtrack was awesome when I was 14. I wish punk was more prevalent in game soundtracks.

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Re: Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

Post by Flabyo »

We totally ripped this off for a mini game in Lego Racers 2.

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Re: Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

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Re: Crazy Taxi - Cane and Rinse 230

Post by rob25X »

Great episode, very funny and enjoyable. Thanks guys.

I never knew there was a Gameboy Advance version of Crazy Taxi! When I got home from work today I had to YouTube it and.... hahaha :D It's Crazy Taxi but on a Gameboy Advance!

Again, thanks for a great podcast.

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