Our next Final Fantasy podcast recording (14.12.18) - 350: Final Fantasy VII

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Re: Our next Final Fantasy podcast recording (14.12.18) - 350: Final Fantasy VII

Post by delb2k » November 8th, 2018, 11:00 am

My nostalgia for this game is a powerful force, and colours my opinion of this title on just about every level.

This was the first full on JRPG that I played and a title that had been a factor in my PlayStation purchase at the time. It fed into my interest of Japanese culture that had already been sparked through anime and manga with this game feeling like the quintessential japanse expiriance.

I found the whole game incredibly engrossing, a world that pulled me in with characters and settings that made my imagination fill in the gaps that the graphics could not. I enjoyed the turn based combat, figuring how to create a winning strategy and use magic and healing at the right times. I enjoyed the over the top animations of the summons and while I can understand how they could become grating for some it felt all incredibly mystical to me.

Most importantly it was the story that made me become a Final Fantasy addict. I wanted to know everything about this world, this lore, the story of Avalanche and Cloud and how the relationship with Sephiroth became so incredibly entwined with each other. I would spend hours exploring and reading, trying to find all the optional details possile. The reveals completely shocked me, the twists at points made me feel completely betrayed. I felt elation when Cid reached space, joy when Cloud and Tifa reconnected and achievement when Sephiroth finally fell. This was the first narrative in games that completely suckered me in and for that it retains a very fond place in my heart. That may not hold up now, I fear I could find many holes in it, but at the time my younger self was completely entranced.

I wil ladmit that the tranlation remains very rough and uses language in a way that can sometimes be described as interesting. there are also some scenes that will sit in a more uncomfortable space at this point in time, most likely the cross dressing scene in wall market.

It is not necessarily the best JRPG that I have played but it is the one that means the most to me as it was my introduction to the genre. If you want any further reading on it I can hearily recommend the following book:

https://www.thirdeditions.com/en/rpg/97 ... 23555.html

Ihonestly do not know how newcomers would find this today. They may find the battle archaic, the look twee and the pace a little slow but I would urge everyone to try it. It is an incredibly important game.

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