337: Def Jam: Fight for NY

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337: Def Jam: Fight for NY

Post by JaySevenZero » December 31st, 2017, 3:31 pm

Here's where you can leave your thoughts regarding Def Jam: Fight for NY for possible inclusion in the podcast when it's recorded.

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Re: 337: Def Jam: Fight for NY

Post by Mechner » February 9th, 2018, 11:39 pm

I remember picking this up on release, having absolutely no expectations, only to be surprised by the interesting fighting mechanics in the game.

It plays unlike any other fighting game I have ever played, it has touches of the usual affair (Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat) mixed in with a heavier dose of wrestling games in the WWE series. This comes together in a strange way, making it hard to learn but a very rewarding fighting system once you master it.

The story was fairly over the top in an "urban street thug" kinda way. But I did enjoy it over all, it just reminds me of a slightly watered down "Need for Speed Underground 2" for fighters instead of drivers.

The customization with the clothing options was quite deep and over the top as well and I vaguely remember it effecting your character in game, like getting a higher "respect" level in game, or something.

I haven't played since I finished it all those years ago, but I would be interested to see how it holds up.. I have a strange suspicion it won't hold up too well...

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