Super Hexagon - Cane and Rinse 281

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Super Hexagon - Cane and Rinse 281

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In this issue we test our nerve to the very limit in the face of colour and sound smashing together and the very walls around us starting to close in. Josh, Sean, Karl and guest Ben Clavin of Pewter Games Studio brave Terry Cavanagh's 2012 fast paced, survival/puzzle game, Super Hexagon.

Music used in this issue:

1. Courtesy by Chipzel.

Cane and Rinse 281 was edited by Sean O'Brien.

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Re: Super Hexagon - Cane and Rinse 281

Post by TeePee »

Inspired by the podcast, decided to give this a go (PC).

Big swing and a miss for me. I like the idea, and the visuals and music were great, but found the controls felt horribly imprecise. I may be missing the point, but it felt like many, many more of my deaths were due to me overshooting my intended move than due to my inability to react/adjust to what was coming.

I don't mind dying a lot, anyone who's ever played a FPS with me will tell you that, but I do struggle to push myself to play a game if I feel that my failures are less to do with my learning/lack of skill than they are a mechanic. Dying three seconds into a level on Super Meat Boy because I didn't time my jump absolutely *perfectly*, I can live with - that's my failure. Dying three seconds into a round on Super Hexagon because the controls meant I moved further to the right than I intended to feels cheap.

Normally I'm a bit of a sucker for anything with a 'quick restart' button, but Super Hexagon really didn't grab me.

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