Super Mario Kart - Cane and Rinse 282

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Super Mario Kart - Cane and Rinse 282

Post by JaySevenZero » August 21st, 2017, 1:23 pm



As Super Mario Kart celebrates a quarter of a century of infuriating racing mania, we return to the Mode 7 madness Super Famicom/SNES original. Leon, Darren, Karl and Michiel reminisce about the incandescent fury of being bullied by the likes of Luigi and Peach, as well as the elation of beating them to the checkered flag. Naturally, this being Cane and Rinse the panel also delves into the history of the game's development at Kyoto's Nintendo EAD, and share some of the community's memories and opinions regarding this much-mimicked 16-bit classic.

Music used in this issue:

1. Main Theme by Soyo Oka
2. Rainbow Road by Soyo Oka

Cane and Rinse 282 was edited by Sean O'Brien.

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Re: Super Mario Kart - Cane and Rinse 282

Post by Stanshall » August 23rd, 2017, 6:00 pm

Cracking show, this one, and I was surprised by many of the criticisms I'd never even considered before. I suppose I put 99% of my time with the game during a period where my critical faculties for games weren't tuned too far beyond 'amazing' and 'shite'. It's almost untouchable for me, in its class, but I can now totally appreciate why it would turn some off. Great episode.

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