Blade Runner - Cane and Rinse 287

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Blade Runner - Cane and Rinse 287

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"Gimme a hard copy of that."

The acid rain beats the streets of L.A. like drums, marching me towards my next stop on the trail of these skinjobs. I don't know if Sean, Darren, Karl, James and the Cane and Rinse community can help me, but they've been tied up in this mess from the start.
Westwood Studios, twenty years ago, that's where it all began, and this licensed Blade Runner is gonna see it through, to the bitter end.

Music used in this issue:

1. Main Titles by Frank Klepacki
2. End Titles by Frank Klepacki

Cane and Rinse 287 was edited by Ryan Hamann.

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Re: Blade Runner - Cane and Rinse 287

Post by Whippledip »

I should have clarified in my original post because I had originally typed it stream-of-consciousness style without any editing.

Under-appreciated, at it's time. Blade Runner was not well received when it came out and only gained the critical recognition later on in it's lifespan, and I think the game has enjoyed/suffered (either is appropriate in this case) the same fate

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