Sea of Thieves - Come sail away with me!

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Re: Sea of Thieves - Come sail away with me!

Post by dezm0nd »

Hah, everyone loves a pun! No worries mate.

We ended up with 3 of us sailing for the first Tall Tale and found it to be a breath of fresh air for the game. Some hunting for treasure ended up opening a secret area in a well established island and had us solving puzzles to retrieve a relic.

Very enjoyable and i'm looking to do tackle them all over time.

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Re: Sea of Thieves - Come sail away with me!

Post by Rhaegyr »

Very late to the party on this one but myself and three friends have been playing this over the last week and absolutely loving it.

The quests don't seem that interesting at the moment but sailing the seas is a joy and full of randomness!

Gamertag is CinderN if anyone fancies joining up with us (or are looking for another crew member).

Any recommendations for a new player would be most welcome too.

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