Dungeons of Hydeland: Dragon Crown (Pro)

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Dungeons of Hydeland: Dragon Crown (Pro)

Post by andthenweplay »

This past while I have been getting back into Dragon's Crown. For those who don't know it is a fantasy scrolling beat em up with RPG and loot progression system. I suppose one could say it is like Diablo meets Capcoms Dungeon and Dragons/Golden Axe.

If anyone owns the game or feels interested into jumping in give a shout. It is Cross-play on Ps3, PS Vita, PS4 and now PS5 so there is many way how to play the game.

My PSN is andthenweplay and let me know if anyone is interested. Hope to see you

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Re: Dungeons of Hydeland: Dragon Crown (Pro)

Post by Michiel K »

I like me a bit of Dragon's Crown. I have the original PS3 release. My PSN is Rotwyrm, it's just that I have precious little time to play much of anything and we live in different time zones, so I don't really foresee our stars aligning. :(

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