Does anyone fancy playing Apex Legends together?

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Does anyone fancy playing Apex Legends together?

Post by HaloFandango »

Hi everyone, hope you're doing alright!

I've recently been playing a lot of Apex Legends and Season 9 has just started with the new Arena mode and the badass new character Valkyrie!

While it is okay playing with random people, it would be nice to have a chat with you guys and play with some people from Cane and Rinse.

I play on Xbox, but of course the game is cross-play, so feel free to add me either on the Xbox Network (RIP Xbox Live) or in-game via my gamertag HaloFandango I'd be happy playing some other games too!

I main Loba, so I'll steal all the nice things for you!

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Re: Does anyone fancy playing Apex Legends together?

Post by MLPLiam96 »

Hey man! Hope you’re well and sorry this might be a bit late but I’d be up for some Apex legends, I haven’t played it since the first couple seasons so will be rusty if you don’t mind putting up with me for the first few games haha. I’m on Xbox tho and I’m up for pretty much playing anything really

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