Exclusive monthly podcast for September 2021

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Exclusive monthly podcast for September 2021

Post by JaySevenZero »


Damn! Yet another month has passed so by way of celebration here's over two and a half hours of jibber-jabber from us to you.



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Re: Exclusive monthly podcast for September 2021

Post by OldPec »

I'm a little late but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Bubble Bobble episode.
When I looked at the list for this volume I anticipate that the TLOU2 pod would be my favourite episode (and it was great) but the Bubble Bobble episode was pure joy and wonder. From the opening sentences you could hear the love for the game in Leon and Chris' voice in particular and I had a massive grin on my face as I was taken back to my distant youth.

The talk about the title screen "code" entry brought back a half-memory where I was either in an airport or on a ferry and some older kid was holding court at a Bubble Bobble machine, me and several other younger kids crowding round him, as he was telling us about a secret code and trying to perform it. I don't think he managed it and I consigned the idea to myth.

Learning all about the games internal complexity was great.

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