Sound of Play Extra: An interview with ToyTree

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Sound of Play Extra: An interview with ToyTree

Post by JaySevenZero » August 20th, 2017, 11:10 am


Here’s another Sound of Play extra – an interview with ToyTree

This show’s presenter, Thomas Quillfeldt offers us up another Sound of Play extra in way of an interview with Amos Roddy also know as ToyTree, composer for Pixel Titans’ recent first-person shooter STRAFE

Track listing for this show is as follows:

0:00 — No Escape by ToyTree, from STRAFE
3:34 — Slain by ToyTree, from STRAFE
6:12 — Aeronaut by ToyTree, from the Pigeon EP
7:50 — Meadow by ToyTree, from Kingdom
9:38 — Klaymen’s Theme by Terry Scott Taylor, from The Neverhood
11:56 — Main Theme by Tomáš Dvorák AKA Floex, from Samorost 3
13:10 — Audio from INSIDE by Martin Stig Andersen
13:54 — Mr. Handagote by Tomáš Dvorák, from Machinarium
15:24 — Doomed by ToyTree, from STRAFE
16:43 — Go Straight by Yuzo Koshiro, from Streets of Rage 2
18:14 — The Burbs by ToyTree, from STRAFE
21:09 — Main Theme by Trent Reznor, from Quake
22:31 — Luftenstein by ToyTree, from STRAFE
26:25 — Baptism by ToyTree, from STRAFE
28:08 — Ruined by ToyTree, from STRAFE
29:22 — Plague by ToyTree, from STRAFE
34:10 — Paint It Red by ToyTree, from STRAFE
39:30 — A Hawk and a Hacksaw, a duo of musicians associated with the band Beirut, are contributing music to the soundtrack of Forest of Sleep by Twisted Tree (Ed Key’s label, which released Proteus).
45:20 — The Wings March by ToyTree, from Kingdom
46:36 — Sanctuary by ToyTree, from STRAFE

STRAFE soundtrack by ToyTree is available on Spotify and all major digital music outlets

You can buy the download from ToyTree’s BandCamp page:

The standard and special edition vinyl is available at

SoP Extra: an interview with ToyTree was edited by Thomas Quillfeldt

You can subscribe using iTUNES or you can just simply DOWNLOAD IT HERE instead.

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