Console Special No.8 – Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Console Special No.8 – Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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“Now you’re playing with power; SUPER POWER!”

Everything about our latest single format special podcast is just super. Leon, Brian, Michiel and returning guest Ben Cartlidge – along with a slew of contributors from the Cane and Rinse community – remember Nintendo’s initially reluctant but ultimately triumphant foray into the 16-bit market. The Super Famicom/SNES/SNEZ/Ess-Enn-Ee-Ess boasts perhaps one of the most glittering libraries of any machine, and in this show we get to take a long, lingering look back at its many successes (and a few failures) as a machine, and as a platform.

Music featured in this podcast:

1. Clockwork Mansion 4-1 by Masanori Adachi/Taro Kudo

This console special was edited by Jay Taylor.

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