Tech support - low laptop WiFi speed

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Tech support - low laptop WiFi speed

Post by Alex79uk » March 3rd, 2018, 2:37 pm

Hey all, not sure if anyone can help, but thought I'd try!

I've been given a laptop by my step dad, and although it's not really any good for gaming, he used it for a lot of graphical editing stuff and it's not bad specs.

But, the Internet is really slow on it. It came with Windows 7, which I upgraded via the MS site to Windows 10 (a legit upgrade, haven't got any dodgy copies!)

We are with Virgin, and I have a 200mb connection. Most my devices - phone, PS4, Vita etc can max this out and I get good speeds. The laptop is struggling to even get 10mb download though. I was really excited to be able to use it for PS4 remote play, but it's just not fast enough to work properly.

My work laptop connects fine and gets full speed, but runs Windows 7 and can't use remote play.

At first I thought it might be the router, as I'd had a couple of other issues with it dropping connections, so I got on to Virgin and they've sent someone out today who's fit a brand new router (and also the latest model - Superhub 3.0), but I'm still having the same issue on the Windows 10 laptop.

I'm at a total loss now, and don't really understand enough about networks to think why this may be happening. I mean, it could just be a really bad network card in the laptop couldn't it?

Any ideas!? Thanks :)

EDIT: So far I've tried making sure drivers are up to date, I've messed with battery settings to ensure full power is being used at all times, and I've even rolled the Win10 installation back to Win7, none of which made any difference (so I reinstalled Win 10).

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Re: Tech support - low laptop WiFi speed

Post by Whippledip » March 12th, 2018, 10:43 pm

Have you tried it via ethernet cable? That way you could at least determine if it's something up with your the built in wi-fi receiver or a problem with the settings on your computer.

Alternatively maybe buy one of those usb wifi dongles to see if that has the same problem

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