Vessel & Dear Esther - Cane & Rinse 34

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Vessel & Dear Esther - Cane & Rinse 34

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Tony, James, Josh & Darren G. are your panel for two contrasting titles. Strange Loop’s Vessel is a puzzle-platformer with a steam-punk aesthetic and an emphasis on physics. While thechineseroom’s Source Engine adventure Dear Esther exists almost entirely without videogame conventions or ludological concerns, instead focusing entirely on relating a story to the participant. Find out if the crew believe that that each succeeded in its aims.

Music used in this show is as follows:

Track 1: Vessel by Jon Hopkins

Track 2: Sleepwalker by Jon Hopkins

Track 3: The Bone of Jakobsen by Jessica Curry

Cane & Rinse 34 was edited by Darren Gargette.

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Here's a Vessel Quick Rinse of the preview build before release.

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Re: Vessel & Dear Esther - Cane & Rinse 34

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After playing it over the weekend, I listened to the Dear Esther part of this show on the way to work this morning. It was really interesting listening to the team struggle to decide whether this was a game or not, before the genre of walking simulator type games had really become mainstream. Good discussion, and I had no idea audio clips were triggered randomly from a pool of possible snippets. I took the meaning of the game a lot more literally than some of the crew on the show, thinking it was an actual man on an actual island leading to his suicide. The ideas of a coma and ascending to heaven were very interesting to listen to though.

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