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Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by ratsoalbion »


“Today is special day.”

After five years of development hell, would Phil Fish and company be able to create the indie darling that everyone hoped Fez would be? Find out as Darren Gargette, Joshua Garrity, James Carter & Sean O’Brien discuss the highs and lows of Fez.

Additional audio used in this show is as follows:

Track 1: Adventure by Disasterpiece
Track 2: Beacon by Disasterpiece
Track 3: Forgotten by Disasterpiece

Cane & Rinse 86 was edited by Darren Gargette.

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by Roy42 »

1) The code to make the monolith appear wasn't brute forced, it was on the back of the treasure map with the Polytron logo.

2) It's not that I didn't want there to be anticubes; I just would have preferred the anticubes be for more puzzle-y puzzles that didn't involve community efforts and for the community efforts to be revealing secrets that weren't to do with collectibles (or, rather, completion percentage). Which, on reflection, is what the red cubes were, only, like I said, they weren't hidden. The binary code in the library? That I loved. That I wanted more of.

3) I think a collector mentality was part of why I didn't just drop the game after the first crash; another part of it was my desire to see the rest of the world and uncover its secrets ('cause fuck if a puzzle game thinks it's ever going to beat me). It's not that I didn't enjoy my time with it; it's just that the enjoyment I had with it got continuously soured by the technical issues, and I'd said as much in my original post, too. Had there been no technical issues, I would have felt overall much more positive about it; I probably wouldn't even have realised my issues with the nature of the anticube puzzles and the community effort until somewhere along my second or third playthrough.

4) Good podcast. Darren, you did well as a host. I was expecting about 5,000 more puns than you supplied, and you pleasantly surprised me.

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by dezm0nd »

Roy42 wrote:1) The code to make the monolith appear wasn't brute forced, it was on the back of the treasure map with the Polytron logo.
When I was editing I realised it wasn't. My memory was slightly hazy but editing it out just sounded odd. Thanks for the kind words, though, regarding hosting. It's been a while since I had done something like that and was cacking my pants.

Also, I don't do puns...!

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by Scrustle »

Great episode. I considered giving some input for the episode, but I didn't really feel like I had experienced the game enough to say anything worth saying about it. I'd probably just be saying things everyone else was. It's a great game, of course, and I agree with much of the stuff that was said. Especially the stuff about the audio and how the music melds perfectly with the visuals. I love the mood of the game.

I was also planning to put some more time in to the game before the episode, but I never got round to it. I've gotten about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way through the new game plus, but it seems there's still a huge amount of stuff I haven't even touched on. I had no idea you could fly! I doubt I'll ever finish the game, but I'm pretty sure that I'll at least spend some more time with it before the sequel comes out. Although hearing about all the stuff I haven't done yet is kind of daunting, I realise I haven't really even scratched the surface yet. I want to find some of this stuff that people are talking about. I've not even got to the sewers, for example.

And that stuff about the heart and other things people haven't been able to work out yet; I think perhaps that might have something to do with the sequel. Perhaps Phil always meant it to relate to nothing within the first game, but for it to make sense when you find out something in the sequel. I think it would be pretty cool if that happened anyway.

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by RoboticMonk3y »

good podcast guys.
enjoyed it!

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by DomsBeard »

Finished listening and I've played it since I've got home, found a door which I must have gone past 100 times without going in which contained 4 blocks and a clue to make a Tetris shape with them. Can't figure it out, can't figure out the bell ringing sequence either but I will. Great game! :)

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by gallo_pinto »

I beat Fez last week and I had been saving this podcast until after I'd beaten it (sorry about being over three years late! :shock: )

I really enjoyed this episode. I think most of you all got farther than I did before looking up answers online. I got 31 gold cubes and 13 of the anti-cubes by myself. I was able to crack the alphabet and solve a good number of the anti-cube puzzles by myself, but I didn't quite get there with the "string of tetris pieces" code (though I was close!) or the number cipher (I was not close at all).

I played Fez on the Vita and overall I thought it was a nice port. Almost all of the puzzles translated just fine. The QR code in the sewer was too small to read on the Vita screen, but the puzzles that really bummed me out were the tuning forks. I learned from the podcast that on the Xbox it rumbled on the left or right side of the controller to tell you which way to rotate it. I think I probably would have been able to solve that puzzle if it had worked that way on the Vita. On the Vita, it buzzes in either your left or right earbud on your headphones, but it wasn't clear enough for me to register it. Oh well. I probably wouldn't have been able to play this game at all if it hadn't come to Vita.

I was a bit surprised that the correspondence this episode seemed overall pretty down on Fez. My opinion of the game was much closer to that of the panelists. There were some puzzles that I never would have solved on my own and I completely agree that the map wasn't up to par. But this game offered such a unique experience and I really enjoyed it.

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Re: Fez - Cane & Rinse 86

Post by Alex79uk »

I've never played this for more than a couple of hours - does anyone here fancy playing through it and sharing puzzles and secrets etc? Like a first time play though I mean? I've always been fascinated by this game the way people say it seems like a normal game collecting cubes etc then the game changes almost in to something else. I've never reached the something else.

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