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Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 22nd, 2013, 10:31 pm
by ratsoalbion

"Now hold still, this will only hurt until your brains come flying out!"

Ex-LucasArts employees Tim Schafer, David Dixon and Jonathan Menzies formed Double Fine Productions in 2000. Their first completed project was a 3D platform adventure that starts in an awfully bizarre summer camp and ends in an offal bazaar: Psychonauts. Leon, James, Josh and our faithful correspondents analyse this.

Additional audio used in this show is as follows:

Track 1: Coach's Welcome by Peter McConnell
Track 2: Emotional Baggage by Peter McConnell
Track 3: Title and End Credits by Peter McConnell

Cane & Rinse 99 was edited by Darren Gargette.

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Re: Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 23rd, 2013, 12:02 am
by Todinho
So I've been listening to the podcast and Im quite surprised yuo guys found the vaults being hidden an issue in terms of story and characterization,when your in these people's mind your basically discovering more about them as you walk how everythin look how you have to solve their problems through game mechanics so it makes much sense that to learn more about their backstory you would have to literally explore more of their character by exploring the level!the whole way that these people are represented through their level is very unique and you playing and exploring them is something that could only be done with that impact in a videogame and that's what I find really cool about this game,anyway back to listening to podcast.

Re: Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 23rd, 2013, 5:48 am
by DomsBeard
Pretty sure I saw this on steam for £1.50 or something daft the other day.

Re: Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 23rd, 2013, 7:31 am
by InsrtCoins
Wow. This was a really fascinating episode. The game being so highly regarded among critics and fans often drowns out the very important discussion of its flaws, and I really liked hearing a bit more from that perspective.

I enjoyed hearing my contribution read as well. I'm a relative newcomer to the podcast, so that was a neat experience :) I'm glad to have contributed to the discussion.

Re: Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 23rd, 2013, 7:28 pm
by PlexShaw
With regards to the comments about Milla's level and the apparent lack of anything in it that reflects her troubled mind, I'd point to the following video (which is effectively a guide for the Steam achievement, "I'm Sure She's Over It") as evidence to the contrary.

Please note: contains spoilers, so proceed with caution...

Re: Psychonauts - Cane & Rinse 99

Posted: September 23rd, 2013, 9:18 pm
by ratsoalbion
Wow, amazing, chilling stuff - thanks Paul.

Perhaps that the fact that these types of scenes and 'Easter eggs' are squirreled away makes the game more interesting, but it also means that far more players won't ever see it. I'm conflicted.