Kick Off - Cane and Rinse 236

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Kick Off - Cane and Rinse 236

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Dino Dini and Steve Screech collaborated in the late 80’s to make the 16-bit footy phenomenon that was a ubiquitous multiplayer fixture for the next two to three years, at least until Sensible Soccer came and stole away its title. Soccer lovers Leon, Karl and guest CJ Black remember the original brace of Kick Off titles, as well as Kick Off’s deep and compelling spin-off Player Manager and both Kick Off 3 and – ‘the real Kick Off 3’ – GOAL! (a.k.a. Dino Dini’s Soccer). Supported by our faithful fans, we also bring things up to date with talk of the ongoing Kick Off scene and a brief look at the recent release of Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival.

Music used in this issue:

Track 1: Kick off title screen by Dino Dini

Cane and Rinse 236 was edited by Jay Taylor.

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Re: Kick Off - Cane and Rinse 236

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I really enjoyed this episode, especially the chatter about joysticks! I was a Competition Pro man, obviously, and remember my fire button also broke! I used the stick in my left hand, being a lefty (both physically and politically, har!) and rather than try to fix it, I couldn't afford a new stick and trained my right hand to incredibly awkwardly curl round the entire joystick to reach the button placed on the left! Ouch. Excellent episode, though.

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