Paradise Killer Spoiler Thread

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Paradise Killer Spoiler Thread

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Anyone else finish Paradise Killer yet? I'd like to talk through some aspects of the ending if anyone can clarify a few things for me.

Huge, complete spoilers from here on out

So, based on my exploration of the island (which was very thorough), it seems like there were two concurrent mass-murder plots going on at once: the Witness Conspiracy and the Carmelina Conspiracy. Both had all of the necessary pieces in place to complete the murders.

To summarize: Witness to the End trapped a killer demon inside of a box with blessing charms and recruited Lydia and Sam to plant the crate inside the Council chamber. Lydia broke past the Holy Seals (with materials provided by Sam and Witness) and entered the Council chamber with a vial of blood stolen from Doom Jazz's clinic. Witness to the End set up an audio device to project Death Screams at Henry shortly before midnight to allow his demon to overpower the suppressors and break out. (A couple of weaknesses in this strategy: it didn't discuss how the audio device was triggered; on a timer or triggered remotely. Are we to presume that Lydia triggered it manually, since she was around the Paradise Gates at the time? Additionally, I'm not sure how Witness would have presumed Henry would have gone straight to the Council, or even made it past Akiko, which was necessary to set him up as their fall guy. I presume neither Witness nor Carmelina knew about the others' plans). At midnight, Witness remotely activates the demon crate. The killer demon escapes (perhaps) killing the council. Monserrat shot the demon in the head.

Meanwhile, Carmelina had Akiko break Henry out of his containment cell and transport him through the bunker to the Council HQ, where she killed two Marshals (really, two prisoners in disguise so that she didn't have to kill any of her own men) and carved demonic symbols into their flesh in order to frame Henry. At the same time, Carmelina used a series of secret portals she had crafted into the island to retrieve her secret 25 year old son, Dainonigate. Dainonigate passed through each of the Holy Seals (kind of? I don't really understand this part, since it seems like it was actually Yuri who passed through the first Seal. He stole the helmet -- which I'd write off as him giving the helmet to Dainonigate, but his cell phone being unreachable for a short amount of time indicates that he was likely in space during that time. The other way I can read it is that his phone was unreachable while he was taking Carmelina's secret passage to Dainonigante's room to give him the helmet). Dainonigate had everything he needed to pass the other Seals -- Council blood (his own), GodFlesh... In the Council chamber, Dainonigate murdered all of the Council members with his perfect blade but was shot by Monserrat in the struggle.

Dainonigate mentioned that he was able to get the jump on the Council because they were just waking from meditation. My guess is that the demon attack had already taken place at that point (I believe Witness kicks off that series of events before Carmelina can retrieve Dainonigate) and Monserrat shot the demon. By the time Dainonigate got there, most of the council was either mortally wounded or already dead (hence them seeming dazed, as if coming out of meditation) with at least Monserrat being still alive. Dainonigate finishes the job and is also shot by Monserrat. Dainonigate retreats from the chamber, back to his own room, where he survived until the next day, when he was found by Lady Love Dies. I presume the reason that Dainonigate didn't understand that the Council had been previously attacked (thinking that they were just disoriented) was because he's had virtually zero human interaction apart from his mother, so he doesn't really understand human behavior or perhaps even what death looks like.

Dainonigate reports seeing "another monster in the room" that wasn't supposed to be there -- the killer demon.

There are just a few lingering questions in the air. How did Henry end up with a belly full of Council blood? What was Witness' plan to put Henry at the scene of the crime other than just sheer dumb luck? Did Witness really think that the Council chamber wouldn't have been inspected? If he knew Love Dies would find the killer demon, why bother framing Henry in the first place?

Perhaps Witness' intention wasn't to frame Henry but just to allow Henry to break out and attack Akiko to distract the Marshals just to ensure that the killer demon had enough time to do its work without being interrupted. Though I don't think the Marshals can pass the Holy Seals, so probably NBD?

Anyways, seems like kind of a crazy coincidence that both murder plots that have been planned for decades happened to go down within a ten minute window of each other on the exact same night.

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