Tekken Series

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Tekken Series

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Was there seriously not a Tekken thread before this? Anyway, with the news of Reddit trying to shake down it's 3rd party apps, and thusly ensuring it ends up like tumblr, I'd like to take more care to do things like this if at all possible since I don't think Leon or Jay have plans to go public and sell C&R ;)
I sadly don't have much to say about Tekken, as it's simply one of the games I missed. I played a TINY bit of 7, enjoyed Kazumi, and if I actually spent any time playing it, would've bought and played Leroy - definitely a unique black character that makes me excited as a black guy.

But onto the actual reason I was spurred to make this post, we've got a closed beta announcement:

https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/tekk ... next-month
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