March 2019

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March 2019

Post by JaySevenZero » April 8th, 2019, 10:22 am

Hi all, here's our monthly round-up of March's shenanigans for all you lovely patrons, in which Leon and Jay natter about what's been happening with Cane and Rinse and some of the stuff they've been up to in-between.

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Re: March 2019

Post by Jobobonobo » April 30th, 2019, 8:21 pm

The idea of the Cane and Rinse team covering specific genres after all the consoles are done does intrigue me and could make for some excellent podcasting. But some genres are more complex than others with multiple subgenres. This means for example, that an all around RPG episode would end up either being far too long and bloated or shallow with each subgenre just being slightly touched upon which would be sure to disappoint many. The best way to tackle this is to dedicate a show to, for example, JRPGs for one episode, MMORPGS for another, tactical RPGS for another and so on. This not only ensures plenty of genre specials for years to come but also that the incredible diversity of game types are given the proper type of coverage that they deserve. However, if this idea ever does become a reality it will be some time off as there are quite a number of consoles to cover first. Eagerly looking forward to the next round of console specials by the way. Keep up the good work!

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