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Re: PS2 recommendations

Post by Magical_Isopod »

So PS2 is an interesting beast because a lot of its best games have superior versions on other consoles. Usually remasters.

.hack//GU is a prime example. I actually struggle to recommend the PS2 version, because not only is it absurdly expensive, but it also chopped up what really should have been a single game into 3 volumes, and the balancing was screwed up to pad them out, putting massive grind walls that added play time but not enjoyment.
Its PS4 remaster (remake?) completely rebalanced the game in a way that improves the pacing of the story. This version is also now available on PC and Switch, though I doubt the Switch version will run especially well.
I really, really, REALLY recommend this game though, it's my all-time favourite JRPG.

Other games with superior versions elsewhere include MGS2/3, Final Fantasy 10, Onimusha, and Tekken Tag Tournament (included on Tekken Hybrid for PS3).

In terms of games trapped on PS2, I recommend:
- Capcom Classics Collection 1&2
- Clock Tower 3
- Kingdom Hearts*
- Mega Man Anniversary Collection and X Collection*
- Onimusha 2&3
- Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
- Silent Hill 2&3*
- Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1&2
- Sonic Mega Collection Plus
- Taito Legends 2

The ones with asterisks TECHNICALLY have HD versions, but these versions are inferior for a number of reasons.
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD completely butchers the music and enemy models of the original in ways that actually make the game less enjoyable. There is no option for the original assets, as they are lost media.
The PS2 Mega Man collections include PS1 versions of MM1-6 and MMX3 that have new, CD quality audio that I strongly prefer to the NES and SNES versions respectively - but I can see why some may prefer the NES versions. The SNES OST for X3 is irredeemable crap though.
- Silent Hill HD Collection is a notoriously awful remaster that removes a lot of what made the originals "sing" with slapped-together remakes based on beta builds, as Konami lost the original final masters.

Don't sleep on those arcade compilations either!
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Re: PS2 recommendations

Post by lbthrizzy »

Man theres so much good shit. PS2 legit has the most good games of any system ever IMO.

Devil May Cry 1+3
007 Nightfire
Onimusha 1+2
Def Jam Vendetta
Legend of Dragoon (An epic JRPG)
Tony Hawks Underground (For Story) or American Wasteland (For Maps)
The Warriors
Evolution Snowboarding - this game is kinda terrible but also just so much wacky fun. Its snowboarding but youre breaking out of jail and you can fight people while you snowboard
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Re: PS2 recommendations

Post by GKBracken »

lbthrizzy wrote: December 29th, 2022, 1:59 am Man theres so much good shit. PS2 legit has the most good games of any system ever IMO.
Preach. I often make the argument that if you are set up with a PS2 and a 3DS (with the DS library, obvs) then you're pretty much set for life. Both of them have stupidly deep libraries.
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Re: PS2 recommendations

Post by PressEscToExit »

Some great-looking stuff I wasn't aware of here, gonna give SkyGunner and Snoopy a look over the weekend.

The PS2 Contra games (Contra: Shattered Soldier and Neo Contra) are both entirely worth playing - I feel like they're sometimes unfairly lumped in with the western-developed ones on the Saturn and PS1 as examples of "Bad Contra", but they're anything but. If you can get over the extremely 2002-2004 presentation you'll have a great time there.

Let me add a wee mention for the brilliantly silly Mister Mosquito as well. PS2 rules.
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Re: PS2 recommendations

Post by Simonsloth »

ratsoalbion wrote: October 1st, 2022, 6:38 pm Gregory Horror Show.
Yes Leon! Surely it’s about time for a show on this game:)
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