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Not sure if anyone else in here has one or got one ordered but I took delivery of mine on Monday and wanted to start a thread all about the Steamdeck and our experiences with it.

So far I am really impressed. I have tried 2 games, one Deck verified and the other classed as unknown. F1 22 is the deck verified game and I couldn't believe how well it ran and how good it looked on there, it really showed to me just how powerful this handheld is.

The other game is the quite new Warhammer Chaosgate Dameonhunters which is an XCOM like. This was the untested game but it worked really well on the Deck, I had no problems with it whatsoever. It's really cool to know that you can try any game on there and it might work straight away without the developer having to make any changes. Perhaps the only issue with the game is that the text can be quite small but I haven't checked the settings to see if you can make the UI bigger. In terms of gameplay it is reminiscent of Gears Tactics.

With the Deck itself, the set up was easy and it feels like a really well built piece of kit. I also love the Steam UI on there. Really looking forward to playing more on it.
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