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Cane and Rinse Vol. 2

Persona 4 – Cane and Rinse No.80

“We fell through a TV! Actually, uh… what is going on here?”

Shin Megami Tensei has been around for awhile, standing just outside the industry spotlight, quietly releasing unusually Japanese RPGs desperately searching for… Signs of Love. Despite garnering only a tiny cult following, its… Heartbeat Heartbeat, just kept on pounding. Atlus even found the resources to release spin offs, such as Devil Summoner and Persona, all bear-ing the Shin Megami Tensei name. When Persona 3 reached US shores, at first it seemed it would go unnoticed. But a small group of people, just wouldn’t shut up about it. Persona 4 was met with a similar reaction, and the discussion became more passionate, and increasingly hard to ignore. And now what started as a spin off, has garnered more critical acclaim and attention than the series that spawned it. Many fans and critics alike would even go so far as to consider Persona 4, the greatest Japanese RPG ever made. Or, at the bear-y least, one of the best.

1: Pursuing My True Self by Shihoko Hirata
2: Signs of Love by Shihoko Hirata
3: Heartbeat, Heartbreak by Shoji Meguro
4: A Corner of Memory by Shoji Meguro
5: Reach Out to the Truth by Shoji Meguro

Cane and Rinse 80 was edited by Sean O’Brien

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