benn powell

Interview Extra: Benn Powell

In this Interview Extra episode, Charlotte chats to Benn Powell about the ins and outs of designing randomisers for REmake Remastered and the remake of Resident Evil 2. Is your heart’s desire a dozen Lisa […]


Interview Extra: Metako

In this interview extra podcast, Charlotte Cutts interviews Metako, a speedrunner who regularly bashes through 80+ hour marathons of the Final Fantasy series JRPG speedruns are a bit of a strange beast: runners try to […]

tod fennell

Interview Extra: Tod Fennell

Leon speaks to actor, writer, voice artist, musician and black belt karateka Tod Fennell (and his Siberian Husky, Havok) about his work in videogames and the wider craft. Tod is the talent behind a wide […]


Interview Extra: Edenal

In this interview extra podcast, Charlotte Cutts interviews Edenal, chief organiser of the European Speedrunner Assembly The European Speedrunner Assembly has gone from strength to strength, raising huge amounts of money for charity while putting […]

james chen

Interview Extra: James Chen

To tie in with issue 355 of the podcast, Cane and Rinse’s own Michiel (@MKStayOnTarget) speaks with old school competitor, fighting game analyst, extra prolific commentator and all around fighting game community (FGC) figurehead James […]

rusty pup, gory detail

Interview Extra: Gory Detail

In this interview extra, Darren Gargette (@dezm0nd) talks to the two brainboxes behind Gory Detail (@gorydetail). They discuss games past (Conker), present (Rusty Pup) and future (‘Project3’). Focusing mainly on their most recent release; The Unlikely […]

rapture gaming festival

Interview extra: Rapture Gaming Festival

In this interview extra, Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) talks to Gary Kirby and Ogulcan “Ojo” Gunel about their Rapture Gaming Festival   Edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

David L. Craddock

Interview extra: David L. Craddock

In this interview extra, Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) talks again to author David L. Craddock (@davidlcraddock), author of Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II a documentary-style book continuing the history of Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard North, and […]


Interview extra: Konstantinos Dimopoulos

In this interview extra, Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) talks to the game urbanist, designer, and writer Konstantinos Dimopoulos (@gnomeslair), author of the forthcoming book Virtual Cities.* *Apologies for the drop in sound quality during this interview, […]