Interview Extra: Joseph Bagi a.k.a. Joey Bag O’ Donuts

With the community push behind Def Jam: Fight for NY growing ever stronger, Michiel (@MKStayOnTarget) speaks with one of the key, driving figures in the scene and top competitor Joseph Bagi a.k.a. Joey Bag O’ Donuts (@JoeyBagODonuts8), tieing in with 2018’s issue 337 of the podcast on the game.
Joey speaks about his relationship and history with video games, competitive gaming, how the community around Def Jam: Fight for NY came to be, how the increase of knowledge of the game’s systems and its character tiers evolved its meta and what makes it a game worth championing.
We also discuss Fight for NY’s legacy and muse about a possible sequel or remaster and how the community can be instrumental in realising either.


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