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Interview Extra: Edenal

In this interview extra podcast, Charlotte Cutts interviews Edenal, chief organiser of the European Speedrunner Assembly

The European Speedrunner Assembly has gone from strength to strength, raising huge amounts of money for charity while putting on a dazzling show for its Twitch audience. Ahead of ESA Summer 2019, which runs from 19–28 July at the Quality View Hotel in Malmö (Sweden), Charlotte (@ccuttsgames) chats with Edenal (@EdenalSDA) about the difficulties of arranging an on-site gaming event, the challenges of fostering a healthy community, and fiendish DOS games.

We also delve into our highlights from past ESA events and talk about the future of the speedrunning marathon. Where can it go from here? Will the event stay cosy and personal, with attendees eating free ice-cream in their pyjamas? Charlotte sure hopes so.

Photo credit: Michael Kire


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