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Sound of Play Extra: Blood & Truth

Thomas Quillfeldt interviews Jim Fowler and Joe Thwaites. Jim is former Principal Composer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe but is still heavily involved in projects at PlayStation’s London offices as a freelance composer. Joe is a Senior Composer and Music Producer at PlayStation, and both have worked on many first-party titles including VR Worlds. 

They chat about their ‘cinematic grime’ score for the PSVR-exclusive London-based gangster shoot-em-up Blood & Truth. Grime production is provided by Zdot, and MCs include Eyez, Jme, Kamakaze, and Ocean Wisdom.

The soundtrack is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and the like.


Edited by Thomas Quillfeldt.

0:00 – “Blood & Truth” by Joe Thwaites, Jim Fowler & Zdot

25:40 – “Too Many Crooks” by Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler

28:40 – “Full Marks” by Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler

30:52 – “Hercules (feat. Eyez)” by Zdot, Eyez, Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler

36:24 – “Heavy Lifting” by Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler

44:46 – “London Streets (feat. Jme)” by Zdot, Jme, Joe Thwaites & Jim Fowler

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