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CaR’s Leon on SHFTS presented by SPoNG.com

The second Cane And Rinse host to join the gang over at the SuperHappyFuntimeShow, Leon follows Tony onto Chris “Kropotkin” O’Regan’s long-running podcast. For those of you who want us to do ‘what have you been playing’ and general banter this is the place to hear it.





Leon Cox from the Cane and Rinse podcast joins the SHFTS host pool as of this week and he shares with us the joys of playing GBA games on a Game Boy Micro.

Star Wars the Old Republic sinks its teeth into Alphabox as he even plays the blasted game while we are recording the show.  He also chatted about his time with a Star Wars Arcade Trilogy Cabinet while he was on vacation.  Forza 4 drives in with an update on the second racing series and also chats about how he overheard some poor fellow trying to play Civ V when he had never played a Civ game before.  The board game Mage Knight comes in for some scathing criticism while Netflix arriving in the UK is declared to be TV and Film mana from heaven.  New host Leon talks us through Uncharted 3 and Astro Boy Omega Factor on the GBA of all things.  He makes a sale for the makers of Wheres My Water as Alphabox buys the iOS game while Leon chats about it.  Dark Souls chat also gets a look in with Leon enthusing over the game and Alphabox giving tips on how to play with your friends in it cooperatively.

In the news we cover the lack of online multiplayer for Modnation Racers on PS Vita, Bethesda gaining the rights to make a Fallout MMO, builders of Xbox 360 consoles wanting to commit suicide, Diablo 3 heading to consoles, and EA being hit with the lawyer hammer over the use of Bell helicopters in Battlefield 3.


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