Author: Leon Cox

nex machina

Nex Machina

Leon Cox reviews hot and happening twin-stick shoot’em up from Housemarque and Eugene ‘Robotron’ Jarvis, Nex Machina: Death Machine. We timed our latest podcast, all about Eugene Jarvis’ seminal twin stick coin-op Robotron: 2084 to […]


Help us DOUBLE the amount of Cane and Rinse podcasts!

Cane and Rinse announces its desire to make twice the amount of podcasts from 2018 with the support of its incredible listeners and community   Become a Cane and Rinse patron here: Hello […]


Macbat 64 Quick Rinse

Subtitled ‘Journey of a Nice Chap’, who better then than Our Darren to put Marcus Siactro’s affectionate Nintendo 64 homage through its paces? Beta version shown. If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can […]


Waypoint: Need for Speed: The Run

Waypoint Travel Agency is a show about taking virtual walking tours of the spaces within videogames with an eye for detail, and with research about its real-world inspirations. These videos aren’t gameplay focused. Rather, we […]