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The Sausage Factory Episode 216: Conifer Games

In this episode of The Sausage Factory, show host and producer Chris O’Regan talks to Jon Shafer of Conifer Games about the development of At the Gates

There are periods in humanity’s history that people generally like to gloss over. One of them is so ignored that it is even given a name that implies nothing really happened during it. That name and period is known as the ‘Dark Ages’. It spanned from approximately 400 AD to the 14th Century during which time Western Europe suffered from decline and stagnation following the fall of the Roman Empire. This is almost a millennia that is actively ignored due to the fact that nothing much happened apart from the odd plague and mythical legends that eventually became a parody in the 1970’s. Jon Shafer of Conifer Games saw this and thought it would make an interesting setting for a 4X strategy game in which players would guide a struggling tribe of people somewhere in Western continental Europe from the depth of a stagnating realm. After 7 years of development At the Gates is the result of this experiment and has now arrived on Windows PC, Mac and Linux and this episode of The Sausage Factory we discuss its design and creation.


The Sausage Factory Episode 216 was edited by Chris O’Regan

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