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Dark Souls – a Soul Level 1 adventure begins

For some unknown reason, the idea of tackling Dark Souls’ now infamous Soul Level 1 challenge seemed like a good one. Granted, this occurred to me somewhere during the course of a pretty successful New Game + campaign, but I was really rather shocked to find myself recording the whole ordeal as it played out. I present to you my Soul Level 1 attempt in fifteen parts, which puts me a full fourteen videos above my expectations. These videos serve as evidence that any ordinary Dark Souls player (and I’m being generous counting myself as such) can complete the ostensibly daunting SL1 challenge.

I intended my commentary to provide advice and ideas for anyone thinking of trying an SL1 run, and also as encouragement for those enjoying their very first Dark Souls experience (should they be stuck or struggling). It would be foolish of me, however, to think that I managed to be either insightful or entertaining; it was all I could do to remain coherent in the face of some truly tremendous screwing up (the Wolf Ring debacle in Part 03 has to be seen to be believed).

Here is Part 01 of the fifteen part saga:

The full playlist can be found here.

Enjoy, and never forget to PRAISE THE SUN!

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