Author: James Carter


A rapturous refrain

James Carter harks at the importance of the use of sound in the BioShock games. Listening to the gentle click-clack of my keyboard as I type this is hypnotic. A rhythm to write to… to […]

ghost recon

The loneliest number

James Carter excogitates upon the idiosyncrasies of playing co-op with AI in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Is it a sacrifice to run into a hail of bullets if you know you won’t actually die? […]


James’ games of 2016

Cane and Rinse’s James Carter considers what worked for him and what didn’t among the new videogames that he played during 2016. What on Earth is wrong with me? I don’t want to start pulling […]


*Right Stick* to interact

Control schemes are crafted across different games, across multiple generations to form part of the lexicon of gaming. First person shooter? It’ll play like Call of Duty, or maybe Halo. Third person shooter? Gears of […]

the witness quick rinse

The Witness Quick Rinse

James takes a jaunt around the opening area of The Witness. Don’t worry, there’ll be no puzzle solutions beyond the opening tutorial area. The Witness is available now on PlayStation 4 and on Windows PC […]


Are you gonna play my way?

With that 16-piece Justice League jigsaw you got stuck on over the festive holidays, or pulling on your favourite jeans that must’ve shrunk in the wash (honest!), sometimes all you need is a little helping […]


Cover me! – Akai Katana

The cover below shows us that the game in question is… a) really anime b) a classic meld of 1940s era wartime and Japanese warrior mythology c) a mysterious Eastern gem, unearthed and transported to […]


The Beginning

The past decade or so has seen players afforded increasingly extensive access to, and communication with the creators of their favourite videogames and videogames commentary. It really wasn’t that long ago that such quaint, antiquated […]


Mallet’s mallet

“July Ann does not have a boyfriend”, I am reliably informed by one of Radiohammer’s loading screen tool tips immediately after two pervert scientists have argued over the cup size of their giant, July Ann-alike […]


Old dog, new leaf

Destiny is emblematic of the sort of videogames that killed my desire to play much of anything in the past couple of months. The mainstay of Destiny is its shooting, and that was strong enough […]


An approximation of reality

“My main Game Boy memory is my Nan thinking the music to Tetris was her hearing aid going batshit…” Late-night, anecdotal Tweets are always fun, but this one from (previous podcast guest) Simon ‘The Sonic […]