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Dark Souls SL1 – Part 12 – A Gravelord and a grave wolf

James would find running through Tomb Of The Giants much easier if Leeroy and Nito weren’t busy killing him. Fortunately it’s quick and easy second time around, unlike fighting Sif, which is emotionally tough the very first time.
For some unfathomable reason, though James knows fine well that Sif is a female wolf, he insists on referring to her as a male throughout their fight. This form of taunting seems ill-judged at best, and James really should know better.

Defeated: Paladin Leeroy; Gravelord Nito; Sif, The Great Grey Wolf

The full Dark Souls playlist can be found right now via this link. Alternatively the entire playthrough will also be posted episodically on this blog, so check back for the next part soon.


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