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David L. Craddock

Interview extra: David L. Craddock

In this interview extra, Leon Cox (@ratsoalbion) talks again to author David L. Craddock (@davidlcraddock), author of Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II a documentary-style book continuing the history of Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard North, and their games.

About David L. Craddock

David L. Craddock is the author of The Gairden Chronicles and War of the Elementalists fantasy series for young adults, Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution, the bestselling Stay Awhile and Listen books that recount the history of Blizzard Entertainment, and Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters. Visit him at davidlcraddock.com

About Unbound

Unbound is a team of writers, designers, publishers and producers working together in a converted warehouse in central London. Together, the publishing team has over 300 years of expertise in publishing and connecting people around creative projects. Over 147,104 people from every corner of the globe have supported an Unbound project and helped make that idea a reality. To date, Unbound has published 322 books that only exist thanks to its community. Many of these have been bestsellers and received critical acclaim, and all have come from passionate people with a story to share.

Edited by Jay Taylor (@JaySevenZero).

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