Die Hard Trilogy Quick Rinse – It’s like The Orange Box but not really

“Oh God, I hope that’s not a hostage!”

Darren Gargette endures the aged graphics and dodgy voice samples to give us a Quick Rinse of Probe Entertainment’s Die Hard Trilogy. Originally released last century (1996) on PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

If you like these Quick Rinse videos you can find many more (and a few other bits and bobs) over on the Official Cane and Rinse YouTube channel.


  1. I had the Saturn version because it worked with the Virtua Cop gun and this was prior to Namco’s G-Con coming out. It was a pretty mediocre set of mini-games but reviewed well mainly due to value for money I felt.

  2. My best friend and I both had Saturns and this is one he picked up and we played through together. Remember enjoying it at the time (we took advantage of the Virtua Cop gun support as well!), but perhaps one best left in the nostalgia fuelled memory bank…..

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