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The Sausage Factory Episode 241: Double Damage Games

This episode of The Sausage Factory has show host and producer Chris O’Regan chatting to Travis Baldree of Double Damage Games about the design and development of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Striking out on your own into the deep black is an evocative concept that has been the subject of many a videogame since their inception. Some of the the most famous being Elite (1984) and, 10 years later, Wing Commander: Privateer – a game that took the ideas of Elite and created a story as well as a universe filled with weird and wonderful people. Double Damage Games decided to reimagine Origin’s game in the form of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, a semi-prequel to the highly celebrated Rebel Galaxy and a triumph of modern game design mixed with vintage sensibilities.


Sausage Factory 241 was produced and edited by Chris O’Regan

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